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The F16s – I’m On Holiday: Score Indie Reviews

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The F16s have been prominent figures in the Indian independent music scene for over a decade. The four-piece band featuring Abhinav Krishnaswamy, Sashank Manohar, Joshua Fernandez and Harshan Radhakrishnan have undoubtedly developed their own unique brand of eccentric and danceable alt-pop. This was highlighted further in a recent brand engagement with consumer electronics company Oppo wherein the band got more screen time than the product and Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor in the unboxing for the Oppo Reno6, with The F16s being at the heart of the film. Ranbir also claimed the Chennai boys as his new favourite band.

The F16s have announced their forthcoming EP ”Is It Time to Eat the Rich Yet?” which is slated for an October 22nd release via House Arrest. The F16s have released a single to accompany the announcement. It’s called “I’m On Holiday” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“I’m On Holiday” can be construed as a classic case of denial and delusion behind familiar themes of love and tenderness. Speaking about the single, the band said, ”…of all the factors on earth that could separate romance and lovers from each other, no one expected it to be a lockdown/quarantine. A song written in the hope to muster up the courage and perseverance to see each other again and the desperation of holding on to a relationship crumbling from detachment and an intangible lover. So, jumping on board the lockdown anthems that every artist decided to serenade about seemed apt. Ours is just a little rosier and with a prophecy that the lockdown will never be lifted thus on Holiday, forever.”

A delight from start to finish, “I’m On Holiday” is a superb track that features four exemplary musicians totally at one with each other and their music. If the lead single is anything to go by, “Is It Time to Eat the Rich Yet” seems like one of those rare releases which will be devoid of any duds. If all goes well, the October 22nd release is going to be an absolute delight. 

Verdict: Something awesome this way comes.

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