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Rabbi Shergill: Third Album

Hailed as the”Punjabi music’s true urban balladeer”, singer-songwriter Rabbi Shergill is all set to launch his third album, simply titled Rabbi iii. And this will begin with an album launch gig at Mumbai’s Hard Rock Cafe.

Rabbi, who had been active in the music industry for quite some time since the 90s, composing jingles and such, achieved superstardom practically overnight, with the release of his debut album Rabbi in 2004, all because of one catchy number, that even today, commands numerous encores at all his shows. Yes, you know what we’re talking about.

[youtube_video id=pTxZy32Fv_0]

Following this, Rabbi came out with a second album, Avengi Ja Nahin, in 2008, showcasing his maturity in songwriting while covering darker subjects. One particular number that stood out from this album was ‘Bilqis (Jinhe Naaz Hai)’.

[youtube_video id=oiGSKT9m9SE]

Prior to releasing his third album, he even collaborated with ‘Papon’ Angarag Mahanta for the Dewarists documentaries, resulting in the single ‘Khule Da Rabb’

[youtube_video id=5vg9D2wQ9pA]

Lets see what he brings out to us with his newest album. Here is an unplugged version of ‘Ganga‘, one of his newest songs on this album.

[youtube_video id=XppZdZDRL1o]

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