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Indie Patrol:: Crypted:: Chennai


Meet Crypted, our Indie Patrol pick from Chennai. They put the C in Brutal.

Their facebook bio says that they are “A 4-piece Progressive/Technical Death Metal band from Chennai. Nothing less, nothing more.

The bio describes the band perfectly. Mostly engrossed in making some good ol’ metal, Crypted has none of the frills and fancies we’ve come to expect from bands. Short haired and simple seeming, they believe that their music speaks volumes for them.

Initially a trash metal band, they soon evolved into a Progressive Death/Technical metal outfit. ‘Equilibrium‘, their four track EP, received a decent response in the metal community. Concentrating on their music diligently, they have now garnered a decent fan base around the country.

Here’s a video of them performing Sphere’s of Madness live.

[youtube_video id=VvW0nQdu4ww]

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