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GNARL + Liquid Measure, Live at ScoreNight!

Catch GNARL and Liquid Measure LIVE at Score Night this Friday!

The legendary Score Nights have always been bringing you kickass bands from all over the country. This Friday, all the way from Hyderabad, we have the hard rock trio GNARL, supported by the five piece alternate metal act Liquid Measure (ft. Jesh Moorjani on guitars) from Chennai.

The Who?

There’s something strangely mystical about the Hyderabad based Gnarl. However, that is just the reflective surface of a much deeper story.  Looking at Tamar’s elegant straight hair and their collective mysterious vibe, you can picture them in a dark mansion at the top of a deserted hill, stretched on plushy armchairs and sipping expensive wine languidly. 

Gnarl’s music is more complex than their personalities. Choosing their own compositions over covers, they play music with thought provoking themes like socio economic issues and the victory of good over evil. Watching them play is an experience.

Liquid Measure:

Liquid Measure was originally formed during a tribute show for Handel Jim, who passed away last year in a tragic accident. But deciding to continue as a band, they’ve now come a long way from the tribute gig. Their main objective is to get their music to the masses by targeting the younger generation of music fans.

Here’s the song which marked the beginning of the liquid Measure era.

[youtube_video id=C2lUQbYCLfw]

The When & Where?

Friday, from 8:30 to 11:30 pm at Star Rock

For early bird passes: 

Contact – Pragash on 9500012975, Manoj on 9884643465      

For additional details, visit

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