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Quirks & Queries with Shefali Alvares : Score Short Reads

Quirks & Queries with Shefali Alvares : Score Short Reads

How important are artist collaborations to you? How have you leveraged the same over the years?

Collaborations are some of the funnest parts of working in music. It’s very important for musicians to constantly hone their art. I’ve personally spent most of 2020 leveraging the opportunity and collaborating with so many different producers and singers like ‘Beishqi Galliyan’ with Benny Dayal and ‘Aadat’ with Raajeev V Bhalla. For me to have found success in Bollywood the way I have also stems from experimenting away from my jazz music background. So yeah, I’m clearly all for it.

Your biggest music learning experience since the time you started

Never stop exploring. Never stop learning. Never stop experimenting. 

What is your music practise routine like?

Coming from a musical family, I of course spend a lot of time training my kids. So I spend a good three hours in the morning with them and training has never been more fun.

Shefali Alvares

Importance of maintaining vocal health according to you and how do you do it?

Oh my god – so necessary. People often think singing is an inherent skill, but it’s very much like any bodily exercise that needs routine practice, especially to be able to perform live.

If there were artists you would like to collaborate with, who would they be?

Definitely would love to collaborate in Hip-Hop. Of all the experimenting I’ve been up to, that’s one I’ve not dabbled with and that could be really fun. So yeah, Badshah, Divine or Raftaar.

Dream venues to perform in

I’d love to do a stadium show. It would be a dream to perform at Wembley alongside my father. 

Upcoming projects

I’ve got a whole new project in the works which is sounding so good. That’s something the world will be seeing soon. I also have been working with more producers and keeping the engine hot, so yeah you can expect a lot for this year.

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