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Maati Baani’s Latest ‘Saawan’ Perfectly Encapsulates The Essence of Monsoon: Score Indie Reviews

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With the rainy season in full throttle across the Indian subcontinent, this particular time induces a sense of nostalgia for the days gone by. ‘Saawan’ by Maati Baani, a song with a lightly strummed guitar coupled with the soothing vocals of singer Nirali Kartik makes this track a serene one.

Composed, produced and written by Kartik Shah, Maati Baani is a group which is beloved for bringing forth the beautiful elements of Hindustani Classical Music and merging it with the folk music of various states in India. To bring this to the modern-day audience, they add new pop beats to create a transcending music experience that can be cherished by people of all age groups. 

The music video provides a glimpse of hill station Shimla which begins with the lyrics stating, ‘the first drops of monsoon, lovelorn swing in the blooming garden are all longing for you to come to my lover’, which depicts that just like the way monsoon has arrived on time, the lover should as well. After the main chorus is repeated twice, there is an instrumental, which is very refreshing and blends in well with the theme of the song. The pitter-patter of the rain and its softness reverberates several times in this instrumental. 

The second part of the song and its vocals seem very disjointed and feels lacking somehow. Limited lyrics, which are repeated throughout the song, make it feel quite monotonous and forgettable after a certain time. Though there is heart and soul poured into the song, it still feels short of making it engrained in the memory of the listeners as well as the followers and fans of Maati Baani. Overall the song is average at its best, but the video is pretty spot on with its depiction of monsoon in the mountains and the general vibe that one feels in such harmonious surroundings. 

Verdict: Soothing, Melodious Vocals, Serene Vibes.

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