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No Complaints by Prateek Kuhad: An Intimate Musical Journey

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“No Complaints” is done by Prateek Kuhad one of the best singer-songwriters and focuses more on indie folk music. On the release of this popular song by Kuhad, he yet again turned to show a poetic style that is both intimately self-expressive and moving for listeners.

The song starts with calm acoustic guitar chords, building a relaxing atmosphere that lasts for the entire composition. Instrumentation used by Kuhad is minimalistic and this partly makes his vocals take centre stage, making one get immersed in the contemplative vibe of that track. The subtle touches of percussion and the atmospheric synths add emotional weight without overwhelming its delicate innocence.

The lyrics of Kuhad are poignant, deeply haunting in tints and shades of the longing for solitude and finally, his pronunciation makes him feel vulnerable. He has with a powerful and emotive vocal delivery, to carry the lyrics in an organic belief that makes them raw authenticity but at once intimate it vibrates directly inside you. The simplicity of language makes the song relatable to an average listener allowing him or her to easily identify with ideas that are common and universal. Working as a solo performer, Prateek Kuhad is the only artist behind “No Complaints”, but involving this song with gifted producers and musicians unambiguously adds colour to its sonic landscape.

The song “No Complaints” is an impressive piece that stands out in Prateek Kuhad’s discography, signified and retrospective chords of the artist. The simplicity of its instrumentation and the sentiments behind its lyrics make for a tremendously moving listening experience; one that continues to resonate long after leaving, you have left. Resonating with its atmosphere and haunting vocals, “No Complaints” cements Kuhad’s image as a great narrator and performer.


This is particularly recommended for lovers of indie and folk music, anyone who loves her/himself some introspection on a long drive.

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