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A Sonic Journey of Certainty – Parikrama’s “Life is Certain”

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This incredible Indian rock band Parikrama has released their new single “Life is Certain.” The band is known for its high-energy performances and unique sound setting the benchmark in India’s music industry. This single is released in one of the many projects the band has been involved in; there are platforms like Spotify and Apple Music that can be accessed.

‘Life Is Certain’, is a sonic voyage that reveals the unique repertoire of Parikrama. The opening of this track is marked by a powerful guitar riff that dictates the overall nature of this song, which represents a high-energy performance. The band harmonizes rock elements and a pinch of Indian classical music to demonstrate their ability to create an amalgamation of various influences into one cohesive, dynamic piece.

The song lyrics explore the existential topic of certainty of life conveyed with full commitment by Nitin Malik, lead vocalist. The rendition of his vocal range deepens the narration with the listeners contemplating life’s uncertainties while immersed in musical movements.

Notable for the instrumentation as each band member demonstrates his playing virtuosity. The energy of Abhishek Mittal the lead guitarist along with Saurabh Choudhary on guitar sets the stage for what forms a wonderful three-dimensional sound design with Gaurav Balani’s pulsating basslines and Srijan Mahajan’s dynamic drumming. Subir Malik, the keyboard player helps this by contributing to the textural quality of sound.

The essence of “Life is Certain” is a raw form without any hesitation or apology that Parikrama has put into their music over the years. The production level on this one is stellar, allowing each instrument to breathe without sacrificing overall sound.


Parikrama’s Life is Certain marks a great comeback for the band, reinstating their status as founders of Indian rock. Packed with lyrical brilliance, flawless instrumentation and an eternal rock groove, this single is a must-hear for the fans as well as the new followers.

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