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Chirag Todi with his latest single ‘Cross The Line’ featuring Chezin is among the top highlights on the charts

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Chirag Todi, the pop rock singer, songwriter and performer with his new single ‘Cross The Line’ featuring Chetan Awasthi aka Chezin is making highlights in the indie music scene of the subcontinent. The song, as when heard for the first time, gives the listeners a jovial feeling of euphoric emotions. The beats and the melody make you tap your feet or may even lead you on top of a table to move your shoulders like you have received happy news. Besides the song being a groovy treat of joy, the lyrics too showcase a quintessential display of doting fling that often, in real sense, leads to a life-long affair of love and adoration. 

Set aside the fact that the song is a pleasant treat of love and friendship. Set aside the fact that it is a happy song. But we cannot, as keen listeners and observers of sound, ignore the song encompassing a brew of soul, Hip Hop and electronic sounds engulfed with elements of Rock’ n-Roll rhythm and grooves. It has a layer of poly-structure but in no way is the song heavy on the ears. The lyrics are perfectly matched with the theme and the sound, and often make one wonder about which was written first. 

The video is choreographed on the streets of a bustling city where two souls are seen in the mood, expressing their joy and affection through dance. To talk of fashion, it is at par with the fashion on the streets of Paris and New York. The music is a treat to the ears, the lyrics, a treat to the voice and the video, a treat to the eyes. It is one such song that can lift the mood from sad to gladness. The song has an electric guitar playing somewhat the bouncy tunes of 90s Hip Hop along with elements of R&B. There is a sound of the organ giving a structure of soul and beats behind commanding the grooves of Rock. The voices are relaxed narrating a casual situation of a friendly flair of crush that excites the heart.  

Hailing from Ahmedabad, Chirag Todi, in a span of a few years, has landed himself gigs on stage with

A.R Rahman, Clinton Cerejo, Micky McClearly and many other giants of the industry. His influences range not only from Rock, but from Pop to Jazz, his solid grip of creative flair is commendable. Always on the hunt for new sounds, he likes experimenting but brings most praise for his ability to always be new and original within a given framework. Although the lyrics and the name of his latest release say ‘Cross the line’, but in making tunes, he is never seen crossing the line of a framework. Chezin, his partner in voice in this song, is well known among his peers as ‘the perfect pop voice’. His jocund ability to instill euphoria is heard behind the casual moves of blissful dance in the video.

Song credits:

Producer: Divyang Arora

Mix & Master Engineer: Nirmit Shah

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