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Prateek Bhaduri’s ​Inner Love​ is Sublime: Score Indie Reviews

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Prateek Bhaduri’s 2018 EP, ​Different Shades of Me ​created waves in the Indian Indie Scene upon its release. The EP featured a host of pop-rock tracks in Hindi, English and Bangla. However, the track that stood out the most on the EP was the seven minute 42 seconds long acoustic psychedelic jam “Inner Love”. Well, the Pune based singer/songwriter also liked that song so much that he is back with a brand new music video for it. As great as the song is, it isn’t close to Prateek Bhaduri’s heart just because it sounds great. The message of well being and self love is something which Prateek Bhaduri really wanted to convey and that’s why he set about making a music video for the mellow and soulful tune. Quite incredibly, the video is made using stock footage only. The video depicts the dark, lonely and depressive mental states different individuals go through and also shows how they try multiple things to fight through it. Of course, with no actors to emote as per the director’s instructions, Prateek Bhaduri had to sift through hours of stock footage to find the right clips. Something which self admittedly, took him “months of effort”.

Prateek Bhaduri created his video’s concept and set upon his quest of finding the right stock footage for the video. Using stock footage to make a video isn’t as simple as downloading different clips and stitching them up together. Well, technically that’s what you do, but it needs a lot of work, patience and dedication to find the right footage of good quality and ample angles of the same shot followed by decent knowledge of editing and color grading. That and a whole lot more. That’s the only way the video will look like, well, a video, not just a compilation of random stock clips with no connection.

Prateek Bhaduri suffered a lot of bullying as a young boy and music was his escape. Self belief and self love is something that Prateek Bhaduri totally believes in and this video does a great job of disseminating that message. While the song on its own might be a great tool to create awareness about mental health and depression, the video does an even better job at it. Seeing is believing after all.

Verdict: Meticulously curated and wonderfully stitched together. And the song is beautiful too.

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