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MILI’s Keep The Hope Alive! offers is a clarion call for optimism: Score Indie Reviews

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MILI’s voice is not unfamiliar to listeners. You’ve heard her on Amit Trivedi’s Meethi Boliyaan (Kai Po Che), Badari Badariyaan & Yatra (Coke Studio) and A.R. Rahman’s Parakka Seivaai (Ambikapathy), among others. Her silvery tone is instantly soothing, and capable of calming the most turbulent of minds. 

Her first single is a homemade psalm for keeping your chin up. Her jazz-infused vocal lines are a balm, and her words offering a few minutes of honeyed reassurance. She is the classic singer-songwriter, using a few strings that actually highlight her vocal gifts. Her message is simple:

“My new song aims to keep the hope alive and spirits up as we continue our fight against the pandemic. As these are anxious times, we need to stay optimistic and take one day at a time as we’re all in this together”.

Conclusively, it is a piece of music that offers warmth and beauty – two qualities that seem to be in somewhat scarce availability this year. As with all good art, it comforts the disturbed.

Verdict: MILI’s first single is comfort, assurance and support made into a song. 

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