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Indie music review- Peekay feat. Aishan Vali – Good Old Fashioned In Love

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Pranati Khanna grow up in a house full of music and paintings, and a love for art permeates her entire existence. This Hyderabad-based artist pours herself into painting and song, and she uses the latter to give us something to muse upon.

In her debut single as PEEKAY, Khanna has the voice of the freest bird, and when she describes her ardour for her beloved – it sounds awfully familiar. They speak of this love in poems, and Khanna adorns it with the shadow of her authenticity.

Shaped like a typical “indie” production – evenly paced guitars, muted but distinct drums and vocals that roll like a happy splash of sun. The video is also reflective of Khanna’s visual proclivities. It moves through the simplest tasks – sitting by the laptop, wandering alone in a bright house with a glass of wine, finding friends in dulcet neon lights. Yet, every frame is burst with warmth, drawn from the depth of her effort. She bares a sliver of soul, and gives listeners a soundtrack for their love-laced dreams.

Listen to the song here:



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