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Prakhar Kaushik’s Aakhri Mauka is a brooding tale of ‘messing up’ in a relationship: Score Indie Reviews

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Madhya Pradesh native Prakhar Kaushik’s latest single Aakhri Mauka is a 5-minute-long acoustic lamentation of the end of a relationship. The title (that roughly translates to ‘Last Chance’) implies the song’s lover asking his partner to not leave. Asking for that one last chance before your beloved walks out of your life. It’s definitely a tried-and-tested trope that goes down as a favorite for many such acoustic-based singers and songwriters. 

Prakhar Kaushik does give his best in weaving a tragic story of love and loss. Unlike a cliched toxic masculine Bollywood hero, he’s not gaslighting his ladylove or holding her guilty for his own flaws. Rather, he regrets these shortcomings of his past and hopes that he can improve in the future. But by that time, it’s already late. 

With a good-enough chord arrangement and strumming pattern, Aakhri Mauka’s strength is its simplicity. Prakhar Kaushik just wants to delve into his tryst with heartbreak and doesn’t try to rely on any unwanted exaggerated melodrama. Overall, the track definitely serves this heartbreaking purpose but despite the long duration, it does leave some scope for diversity. Kaushik’s tone feels a tad bit repetitive towards the end. Maybe, if the song was shortened by a minute or two, Aakhri Mauka would be even more memorable. 

Still, in the end, it’s definitely worth a listen and some listeners would definitely relate to its message of regret. Given that this is his second single since his debut Yeh Baarish, Prakhar Kaushik does offer promise for his future work. 

Verdict: Heartbreak, regret, and redemption collide in this melancholic acoustic track. 

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