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Pragnya Wakhlu – Lessons in Love: Score Indie Reviews

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New Delhi based singer-songwriter Pragnya Wakhlu‘s music is an inspired blend of blues, folk-fusion and jazz driven by personal reflections & causes she feels passionate about. She won the Best Folk Fusion artist for her critically acclaimed Kashmiri folk-fusion album ‘Kahwa Speaks’ and the ‘Best Female Vocalist ‘and ‘Best Genre-Bending song’ at the VIMA music awards(Malaysia).

The acclaimed and beloved artist has teased us with singles like “Whale Song” and “Nice Guy” in the lead up to the release of her EP “Lessons in Love” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Lessons in Love” by Pragnya Wakhlu is an EP that picks up the steam and spirit of the singles that we all have enjoyed so far. Through the EP, Pragnya Wakhlu paints aural pictures that excite the senses. The songs are open and heartfelt, with themes that are personal yet universal. They also manage to strike a great balance between being catchy and full of substance. 

The EP features strong writing, some solid grooves, lush gliding panoramas, lovely vocals and a profound spark of Pragnya Wakhlu’s personality throughout. She has enough spunk and spice to make any Indian household’s spice shelf look bland.

Collaborators such as Marcos Villalta add a fantastic new dimension to the songs and the overall result is quite inspiring, to be honest. The only complaint that one could have is that the EP is only six tracks long, we could’ve easily sat through twice of that, on repeat. 

“Lessons in Love” is a delightful aural confection, combining great songwriting, singing, lusty yet beautifully subtle guitar work with highly effective arrangements and production. It is engaging, entertaining and musically astute, add it to your playlist.

Verdict: Lovable

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