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Power-packed female pop singers to hear this season – Score Short Reads

Pop singing might look quite like a cakewalk in the first glimpse but in reality, it is not. One needs tremendous vocal range, thorough practice, confidence, and diva-like style to become power-packed female singers. These singers are not just a bundle of talent, but also inspire a generation of young girl singers to become stage performers. Their self-confidence on stage, with marvelous talent, has to be appreciated. With world music day month, the score brings you the bests power-packed female singers to hear and get enthralled this season:

  1. Adele: The British based singer, Adele is a fantastic singer with tremendous vocal range. Her album “21” features magical pop numbers such as Rolling in the Deep. Her special rendition Skyfall for James Bond movie is another chartbuster that became a global phenomenon.
  2. Lady Gaga: With her husky voice, Lady Gaga is known for her trendy stage appearances and experimental ways of singing. Her struggle to become a singer earned her global fans and she truly deserves all the adoration. 
  3. Billie Ellish: A pop singer who is not afraid of expressing her emotions, Billie Ellish has become a sensation with her genuineness and sincerity in songwriting. Her relaxing voice is a blessing to hear and  she has earned many young fans across the globe. Her honest feelings are reflected in her songs and her recent rendition for the James Bond film “No Time to Die” is a big hit.
  4. Amy Winehouse: The Jazzy singer has her own mettle when it comes to suave renditions. Though short-lived, her songs live forever. She reminds the listener of legends like Nina Simone when it comes to bass voice singing and she is a true diva. Her album Back to Black is a chartbuster forever.
  5. Avril Lavigne: A punk-singer with interesting perception towards life, she is gifted with amazing voice. Her albums Under My Skin is a pop sensation. She ha earned much teenage fans across the globe with her energetic renditions and funky videos as well.
  6. Beyonce: A swift R & B singer, Beyonce’s silken voice earned much admirers across the world. Her stage presence, stylish appearance, and amazing vocals makes her a complete package. Don’t forget listening to her song “Say my Name” which is quite an entertaining listen. Beyonce is a proud winner of 28 Grammy awards- not an easy feat.
  7. Carrie Underwood:A former American Idol, Carrie has come  a long way from Country-pop singer to a stunning diva performer on stage. With her stunning looks, fitness and tremendous vocal range, Carrie Underwood is a sensation to the core. 
  8. Rihanna:  A masterful R & B singer, Rihanna is a brand by herself. Her hit single Disturbia was appreciated worldwide for its unique video taking and her magical voice. Don’t miss her rendition “Umbrella” another magical rendition.

These women have set the stage on fire post-millennium with not just their vocal talent but also with their attitude towards life, principles and way of living.

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