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M.S Krsna ‘s latest Odathey Oliyathey is a meditative track on living in the present – Score Indie Reviews

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Right from its opening guitar notes of Odathey Oliyathey, you would know that you’re in for a feel-good ride. As M. S Krsna breaks into his soulful vocals, the song is accompanied by atmospheric background vocals and some more of that merry guitar strumming and fingerpicking. 

There’s rarely a dull moment in the 3-minute runtime of the song. The playful vibe of Odathey Oliyathey brims with positivity and carried heavy replay value. Even the lyrics carry a sense of positive introspection that’s perhaps needed more now in this post-pandemic era. 

The Tamil song’s title literally translates to “don’t run don’t hide”. This message urges the listeners to march towards the light of positivity. Often, we might ignore the good things in life in the face of our own human fears. However, sometimes, we must just trust our instinct and march towards the light. 

Odathey Oliyathey carries this spirit of never giving up in a comforting, non-preachy manner. The tonal optimism in both the vocals and instrumentals is bound to impress audiences, even the ones who might not know Tamil. 
Of course, due credit also needs to be given to the musical ensemble supporting M. S Krsna in this endeavor. His collaborators on this track include Napier Naveen on the bass (associated acts: Santhosh Narayanan, Dhee), Rahul Muralidhar on the drums (associated acts: Arijit Singh, Ash King), Protyay Chakraborty on the Mix (associated acts: Heat Sink, Chirag Todi) and Gooth on additional vocals (associated acts: Gooth, Sunflower Tape Machine). 

To put it in a nutshell, Krsna and his musical peers have started the year right with a song that definitely deserves a spot in your playlist. The song dropped on Krsna’s 28th birthday being quite a nice start too his new year. 

Verdict: Krsna’s single guarantees instant positivity. 

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