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Peekay’s Much Better offers a much-needed shot of positivity: Score Indie Reviews

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Right from its very first seconds, Hyderabad-based artist Pranati Khanna aka Peekay‘s new single Much Better doesn’t waste time from establishing itself as an upbeat pop number that asks its listeners to adopt an escapist, merry approach to life. If anyone wishes to unwind a little in a self-given break, they can just jam and sing along to this track that brims with instant joy.

Resonant with pop songs from the late 2000s and early 2010s, Much Better doesn’t subscribe to any high-fidelity notions of partying. It’s just a call to let your hair down every once in a while, and relish the simplicity in the vicinity of one’s own. 

As an accompanying music video shows, the song is tailor-made for dance routines and should be a hit amongst this era’s “reeler-dancers” who need a new trend or two to hop on.

Jonathan Anand Wesley’s production and Peekay’s lyricism brims with simplicity but this simple charm doesn’t pander on any generic tropes. The lyrics are fresh and would be quite relatable for an urban demographic. As she remarks in the final verse, she rolls down the window to her “second hand car” and prefers her Gucci from “an imitation store”.

The aforementioned music video features some of the finest dancers from her city adding to the feel-good vibes that the song addresses. To put it in a nutshell, Much Better will not only make you feel better but it might just influence the indiepop scene further.

These days, the so-called “scene” is somewhat saturated with acoustic ballads that mostly delve into requited/unrequited love or the insecurities of life. Production wise, it’s the jazz and funk scene that’s still brimming with some diversity and experimentation. In this context, a dancey pop tune like Much Better comes as a breath of fresh air.

Verdict: Much Better will definitely make you feel “much better”.

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