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Alvin Presley’s Fall Today is an EP Worth Falling For: Score Indie Reviews

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If you’re an aficionado of laidback, lazy acoustic tunes on love and life
then Chennai-based songster Alvin Presley’s new four-track EP Fall
Today will make for a delightful listening session. His vocals are sombre
and so are his acoustic instrumentals leading to serene-sounding songs
that would suit the calmness of a sunset evening.

Although majority of his songs are musings in English, Presley’s
background in classical music is also evident with light Indian
instrumentation in the background especially in Fallen Mornings.
However, Presley puts to display his finesse-filled vocal prowess in
Tamil too in Falling Star (Pogathey), arguably one of the standout tracks
from the EP. He starts off on a slow note but as the vernacular parts
start, the music picks up pace while Presley effortlessly transitions from
one language to another.

While Fall Today is a pretty feel-good albeit a bit bittersweet EP, there’s
a certain dramatic darkness with which The Heart of Fall Today
resonates. This track draws the EP to a close and is a solely
instrumental piece that runs for just a minute. Yet it goes on to show
Presley’s proficiency as a multi-instrumentalist and his versatility in
shifting tones. At the same time, The Heart of Fall Today isn’t a polar
opposite of the other songs and still spiritually connects with the ‘evening
blue-sy’ vibe the EP seems to give off.

Leaving enough room for experimentation, Alvin Presley’s Fall Today is
a fresh record that lacks flaws. However, in two of his songs along with
the initial English parts of Falling Star (Pogathey), the singer-songwriter
does tend to sound a tad bit monotonous if heard in one go. However,
the varying music in each of these songs (especially in the above
mentioned The Heart of Fall Today) also shows Presley’s potential to
change further and not stick with one similar-sounding indie sound

At its best, Fall Today makes for soulful indie-pop music that can calm
your nerves this fall season.

Verdict: Alvin Presley makes you fall for him and his music in Fall Today.

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