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Ksaya’s Ae Ri Sakhi is some fine indie neo-fusion elevated with Pooja Gaitonde’s vocals and Prasad Gaitonde’s percussion: Score Indie Reviews

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Ae Ri Sakhi is a love song in all its essence. It’s a song that beautifully expresses the longing one feels for their lover and the joya that resonates
in just being with them. Mumbai-based producer Ksaya takes the lead with
his fusion production with heavy influences from Sufi and other Asian fusion genres. Additional production and percussion by Prasad Gaitonde
add more flavor to the track, making it a perfect pick for fans of artists like
Karsh Kale.

The cherry on the top is of course Pooja Gaitonde’s drawly, bold yet controlled vocals that fuse perfectly with Prasad Gaitonde’s tablas. Overall, the song’s fast-paced beats give off a very positive vibe succeeding in being a celebration of love just like producer Ksaya probably envisioned. Ae Ri Sakhi is instantly catchy and fresh.

While the songstress has proved her mettle by providing sufi and folk-style
vocals in collaborations with many artists like Lost Stories and even the percussionist has had his share of recognition (most recently being featured by BBC Asian Network), it’s the main man Ksaya who proves to be an upcoming talent to watch out for. Ae Ri Sakhi proves that he has a great vision to make the best out of electronic and Indian traditional influences.

Verdict: A collaboration that resonates with relaxing, ambient vibes and
makes the best out of the three artists involved.

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