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Wolf is a dramatic statement of NIKITAA’s metamorphosis to the ambivalent titular creature: Score Indie Reviews

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Animals have long been used as metaphorical allegories in songwriting. To the point of chartering cliched territory, many rousing anthemic tunes in the pop and rock genre tend to look up to “valiant” and “dignified” royal creatures like the lion and the eagle. However, as the title of NIKITAA‘s new single suggests, she aspires to release her inner wolf. 

With folklore and a general fear of wolves, the wild canines have loong been antagonised by many. But as Wolf’s interlude puts it, “Kaun darta hai bhediye se? Darr darta hai bhediye se” (roughly translating to “Who fears the wolf? Fear fears the wolf”).

The entirety of the song plays out like an English electro-pop track with the singer’s vocalist matching alt-pop artists like MØ and Tove Lo (both of whom have also collaborated on electronic tracks with veterans like Diplo). In this case, Mukund Komanduri serves as the producer and does a great job at enhancing and chopping the songstress’s vocals in creating an intense atmosphere. The percussive rhythms right from the start add further at helming the dramatic nature of Wolf right from the start.

And then there’s the aforementioned interlude that offers listeners another reason to stay hooked to the track. A brief stringed arrangement slows down the pace for a brief while until NIKITAA, in a hushed-down voice, starts lines quoted above. “Kaun darta hai bhediye se” does make for a catchy break amidst the other lyrics and one can only wish if the bridge lasted a bit longer.

Further behind-the-scenes credits of this powerful and highly energetic pop track include Pedro Theodoro who handles both the mixing and mastering of Wolf while NIKITAA also animated the song’s official visualizer with graphics by Adhyan.

Verdict: A self-empowering work of electro-pop.

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