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An Echo of Epic Proportions; When the Best of Bollywood Meets a K-Pop Sensation: Score Reviews

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The latest track by the adored Indian vocalist Armaan Malik, Korean-American heart-throb Eric Nam, and the immensely talented music producer KSHMR is a resounding collaboration. These three Asian
artists, with massive fan bases and completely different backgrounds, have come together to bless our pandemic playlist with a song about relationships.

And look at the impeccable timing! May was celebrated as an Asian Heritage Month where Asian artists and change-makers from across the world are celebrated. Just 30 seconds into it and it will get you hooked. Here’s why!


The drop-dead gorgeous singers, (who could double up as models) just croon into the camera with their dreamy, brooding eyes and nonchalantly sexy demeanour. There’s nothing cooler than casual of course. The entire play of the neons, the hit and miss of the light and shadow adds a deep yet
peppy vibe dashing out 100% pop song feels.


A lovely blend of Pop and EDM, this track rides on the current favourite and best-selling genre of techno electro music. Right in the beginning, the piano chords add their musical magic, followed by the drop that makes you let loose and break into a slow groove.


The subtle use of the echo of their vocals during the pauses is a layered intelligent mix- master addition. Heart these tiny details!


Armaan and Eric both have such fine, euphonious voices that complement each other very well. He does the first verse and then chorus, followed by Eric’s verse and chorus. And towards the close, they come together for the final chorus, all mellifluously woven together by DJ KSHMR. By the end of it, you won’t be able to stop yourself from humming “Echo Echo Echo” (the chorus) I bet on it.


Add it to your playlist for sure!

Fun Detail:

All three of them have recorded their own parts of the song as well as the video separately, Malik in India, Eric from Korea and Kshmr in LA.

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