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Roshan George Thomas – Sum Of Your Mistakes is Breezy: Score Indie Reviews

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Roshan George Thomas’ music is somewhere between the catalog of musings of a singer-songwriter, a mix-tape of mid-life crises, and coded messages to his future self. His sound is fresh, and it is indie, soul, pop and blues rolled into a vibe that best portrays his musical identity. One that is all things unfiltered, easy-listening, and in the pocket. The extremely talented music artist recently released a single “Sum Of Your Mistakes” and that’s what we are reviewing here. 

Straight off the bat, “Sum of Your Mistakes” sounds like a track that is written to put you at ease. It’s not a relaxing meditation number but it does sound very light, breezy and comforting. The song talks about doing all the wrong things for the right reasons, all over again. It is that silent unarmored longing that lingers at night for what you want back, even if a temporary haven before you drift to sleep.

This song’s vibe, soulful wistful dream-state indie pop, speaks to that same respite, despite knowing that it all leads to the limbo of here and now yet again. But maybe that’s okay, because in the times we’re in, maybe the temporary respites of the past, are something to look forward to instead of the old familiar uncertainty that always looms ahead.

Musically, “Sum Of Your Mistakes” doesn’t manifest itself as a set of notes coming out of the audio playback device of your choice, it feels more like a lovely collection of floating melodies that fill up your surroundings with sheer bliss and joy for three minutes and thirty six seconds. The musical joy lingers even after the last note fades off.

More often than not, you won’t let it linger for very long and just reach for the replay button almost subconsciously. The beautifully arranged cycle of sound is definitely conducive to relaxing and laying back. Texturally and harmonically speaking, “Sum of Your Mistakes” is seductively spacey and lush. The fading chorus leading into the guitar solo is definitely one of the prettiest things Roshan George Thomas has ever done and is definitely the highlight of the track.

“Sum of Your Mistakes” glitters like the sun on the sea, bright, pristine and full of space. Definitely worth (a lot of) your time.

Verdict: Zephyrous.

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