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In ‘Socho’, Nikhil D’Souza’s sings about the heart protecting itself – Score Indie Reviews

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Nikhil D’Souza’s first track of this year came out with a bang with the single ‘Socho’. The song unfolded itself into a surprise right from the beginning. The vibrant chord opening reflects the depth of what the song is going to be. Aditya Ashok, AKA 7 NATION’s production and Pinky Poonawala’s lyrics have come together beautifully.

Soon after the short instrumental intro, the lyrics “Socho, nah ho dil pe pehre, toh kya tanha akele chahe koi bhi yun jeena?” makes the listener fathom what the intro had initially made them feel. The arrangement sounds fairly simple, but the clever breaks and melodic interlude makes it a well put together track. The song starts with dulcet keys and calming finger snaps.

The vocals come in soon, and before the listener can even think about getting bored of a possible pattern, the bass, guitar, and kick drum join in to add colour to the song. The trumpet solo too adds to the mood of the track.

The composition is very mesmerising too. The hook will be stuck in the listeners head for days, and it is safe to assume that this would be the earworm everyone would love to have. Undoubtedly this is song that has the power to give a peaceful feeling to a lot of people.

The lyrics might initially sound like one is complaining about being heartbroken and not being able accept new love. However, the upbeat music and soothing composition balances it out to make it into a song which indirectly encourages everyone to take their time and heal first. 

The song ends with a sweet tussle between the person and the heart. The person wanting to give love another chance, but the heart still refusing to accept love. In the end, as always, the heart won. It certainly is a song that people would sing along to, and maybe even slow dance with one’s own self.

Verdict: Vibrant, radiant, melancholic 

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