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New Year’s Resolution: Make Fun Of Katy Perry

Yeah, we can’t be beautiful all the time. Katy has her moments too, when she swings forth from being a tweeny idol to being insecure and well – ugly

And if there is a dogpile to be hopped on, we’re always first in line. So, we took one of her remorse-filled – yet intolerably peppy – tracks, One That Got Away, and disfigured it to tell a more real, usual story of a fat girl who just wants to Hide That Flab Away

[youtube_video id=fDTouU0iABA]

Now, there’s your song and below are the “lyrics”.. Karaoke like you mean it!

The summer after high school was the most boring yet,

Nothing to do but call Wang’s for more prawn cutlet

And on my 18th birthday

Those pants were still loose,

Use to steal my parents’ Snickers

And hide in my room,

Watch Discovery features

On mating kangaroos

Never knew how quickly

I could gain a few,


And when I just lie

I can’t think of things

Unless they have a fried crust

with a chocolate core and butter rings,

And then I just cry

When I dress up like a bouquet

Or wear something dull and grey

Just to hide that flab away,

Hide that flab away

On cheesy deep dish, I spent all my cash,

I was like a fat fish, with a buttrash

Sometimes when I go out

It’s only for more ice cream cones,

And soon my body, became all folds and grooves

I can’t help sweating, I’m 24/7 lubed,

It’s weird if I choose it

But I’d still go for the food,

*Repeat Chorus*

The f-u-u-u-n

the f-u-u-u-n

The f-u-u-u-n,

Hide that fun away

Can’t get up to go frying, so I just eat, play do-oo-ough

and I think I still find it appet-i-zing, so woo – ooohhh

It’s not really cholesterol free, I kno-o-w-ohh

But now I can’t think twice,

*Repeat Chorus*

Oh woa-woa-woa-woooo,


*Repeat Chorus*

P.S : News on the grapevine filtering through the New Year’s hangover, is how the lady’s officially split fom Russell Brand. How’s that for a :O start to the New Year?

Let’s just hope that emoticon isn’t Katy stuffing her mouth to ease her pain.

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