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Music Videos To Watch: POP!

Here are three videos from Planet Pop that have just been unleashed! New releases from Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift and The Downtown Fiction.

Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly

[youtube_video id=oKar-tF__ac]

Umm, too much slow mo. The hairography does distract. It’s a lot of concert footage with Taylor looking cuter than ever and OMG HAS SHE TATTOOED THE WHOLE OF HER LEFT ARM?!?!

Or it could just be a fad. Writing sentences on your arms. Yeah *regains composure*

ANYWAY! There was so much scope for storyline! Sparks Fly; the name yells mushy-borderline-corny video. And who better to do this than the girl who recreated Romeo & Juliet settings for an earlier music video. (For the slow ones, it’s Love Story)? 

Watch out for suspended balcony, glittery guitar & (surprise surprise) fireworks!

Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger

[youtube_video id=iEPTlhBmwRg]

Reasons to watch this video:

Adam Levine’s tattooed torso – I paused a lot and I believe he has Tapasoo inscribed on his chest? That’s DEFINITELY an oo matra. So much for being exotic, dude, that’s not even a word. 

Long legs, longer hair – As with every Maroon 5 video, the supermodels thrive. Brownie points for swagger!

An Adele-ish Xtina – The whiteness, chubby face & the eyes, don’t you think? Not complaining. It’s way better than the S&M mode that we were subjected to in Not Myself Tonight (incidentally voted one of the worst videos of 2010). SHUDDER.

Jeune Jagger – Concert Footage that has a younger Mick! Lots of strutting & hip shakes to watch out for.

RANDOM trivia: Did you know that Mick’s crotch has an FB page? :O

Moving on, Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera as duet partners isn’t a huge surprise. The two are co judges on  NBC’s The Voice. If you don’t know what The Voice is, linger on cuz coming soon is an exclusive post about this revolutionary TV show!

The Downtown Fiction – Thanks For Nothing

[youtube_video id=54WRoguNKYc]

Ha. An innovative way of familiarizing us with the faces of the band!

Also, yay, another song that expresses regularly occurring sentiments! Thanks For Nothing (Kiss My Ass) joins the list of other in-your-face jabs like What The Hell (Avril Lavigne), Shut Up (Black Eyed Peas), F*** You (Cee Lo Green), among others.

The Downtown Fiction is a pop punk band that has apparently been around since 2008. This is a single off their April album release, ‘Let’s Be Animals’.

Stay with Score for more video updates!  

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