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Muse starting work on new album

They’ve been categorised under Space Rock and Progressive Alternative rock among a bunch of other genres, English Rock Band (Yes. We decided to go with ‘Rock’ band and play it safe) Muse has announced that they will commence work on their new album starting this September.

Their previous album The Resistance, was their first attempt at self production and the album did brilliantly. They’re quite a fun bunch of chaps. They have loads of funny videos on YouTube. This one instance is a favourite. To promote their last album, they played on this Italian TV Show that asked them to fake along to a track (Uprising) on the album and you can watch the video for what ensued. (Read video description)

[youtube_video id=tn2qKraB1lQ]

Getting back to the upcoming album, click here to see what the band has to say about it. 

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