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GWS and Cartel Madras cook up a tri-lingual banger with Stay Up All Night: Score Indie Reviews

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Stay Up All Night is a new single by LA based rapper GWS and Canadian duo Cartel Madras. Featuring fiery flows and vibey production by Bengaluru based producer Dan Pearson, the song is a fine addition to the growing catalog of Indian-origin hip-hop overseas.The song opens with a smooth verse by GWS as he proceeds to helm the song’s extremely catchy hook, all in Malayalam. Both MCs from Cartel Madras take charge of the song then with English and Tamil verses that ooze with a no nonsense aura of confidence.         

Pearson’s high-quality production definitely contributes to a lot of the song’s “repeat factor”. The verses are short and crisp suiting the overall fast pace of the song; GWS’s wavy hook would further impress fans of new age trap music.The Los Angeles rapper’s phased vocals can be compared to trending SoundCloud rappers while Cartel Madras’s flows somehow evoke the sound of Tamil and English rappers like M.I.A.

However, despite these tonal similarities, all the artists in this song deliver well in terms of originality. While Cartel Madras have proved their mettle in their previous discography, GWS seems to be an artist to watch out for in the new wave of melodic hip-hop. He can drop bars and manage a good-enough melody at the same time. The choice of using three languages in an adrenaline fueling track like this would have been a messy affair but the multilingual lyrics blend perfectly, thanks to the effortless switch of flows exchanged  between the three rappers. Further, it’s a perfect linguistic balance to represent India to international listeners. 

Verdict: With a catchy trap sound and smooth flows, Stay Up All Night is an instant hip-hop classic.

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