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More Bollywood Plans For Akon

Akon apparently really liked what he saw. After the sense-defying acclaim that has been handed to him by Bollywood aficionados for his little turn of Hindi phrase in RA.One, the singer figures he might as well set up shop in B-town. 

Things also got chummy with several other Bollywood producers, and though Akon still believes he’s exclusive, he’s decided to set up subsidiaries of his American record labels, Konvict Muzik and Kon Live Distributions, to tap the opportunity/ies.

These subsidiaries will be focused exclusively on Bollywood commercial music. New talent in the US will be recruited to these new offshoots, where they’ll be charged with changing Hindi music history. Or so is the belief. 

Well, at least he has the whole ‘K’ thing going. Might swing the odd deal. 

[youtube_video id=6FteXhp7MZY]

The video that started it all

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