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Minshul’s Scars is bold, dramatic, and personal: Score Indie Reviews

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As the title suggests, Scars is a deeply personal track in which the songstress Minshul touches upon her own scars from over the years. In our life, there might be certain things and events that leave such an impact on life that no one else can understand. This pain might be present inside or outside but the numbing effect of these scars remains the same.

Minshul is neither trying to sound preachy nor is she trying to generalise anyone’s pain. All she seems to capture in her lyrics is the claustrophobia and lack of control she feels with the scars on her soul. The singer’s powerful vocals along with a rousing chorus make Scars a hauntingly beautiful track. The way she vocalizes and repeats the refrain word ‘soul’ is one of the best portions of the song.

Shubhanshu Gupta and Apoorv Kumar handle the production. With such themes and lyrics, there are bound to be a lot of keys. But the chorus also changes the pace with some dramatic percussion. Somewhere towards the chorus, it even gives the vibe of one of the recent ‘Bond songs’.

With some universal relevance, personal songwriting, and dramatic musicality, Minshul and her creative team succeed at creating quite a powerful song. Otherwise, a song like this could have become very formulaic if the vocalist and the instrumentalists would have relied on one monotonous guitar-strummed or piano-driven melody.

Otherwise, many of the recent pop artists in the English Indian scene end up resorting to the same old cliches.
Scars might not be the most innovative track in the scene right now but it carries an original voice and a lot of soul. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Verdict: A hauntingly beautiful track that is introspective and dramatic at the same time.

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