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Shashwat Singh’s Paau Kahaa perfectly captures the aftermath of tragedy: Score Indie Reviews

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This pandemic has been particularly painful for those people who lost their loved ones. The question arises: What does one do after this loss? A song like Paau Kahaa attempts to encapsulate such emotions of the aftermath.
At the same time, it doesn’t offer any straight answers given the touchy nature of its subject matter. Instead, as the song’s YouTube description reads, it is ‘an ode to that eternal connection that we form beyond loss..and a warm hug to everyone who has been left behind…’.

Hence, without sounding preachy, singer-songwriter-producer Shashwat Singh weaves an intimate portrait of love and loss that is deeply personal and yet universally relatable at the same time. His mellow vocals are perfectly suited to the ambient instrumentals and emotional lyricism.

The song is also accompanied by a visual that Singh himself directed. The video finds him solemnly walking through his house and staring at the photos of a soul that is no more with him. Instead of crying out loud, the singer’s expressions display another side of sadness: the confusion and emptiness that follows a tragedy. It is a somber and aesthetic short that some might relate to.

Coming back to the music, the only complaint that some listeners might have is Paau Kahaa’s slow pace. The pacing obviously seems to be deliberate given its sensitive themes but maybe a slightly more dramatic interlude could have served as a good segue. Dedicated listeners would still have a good time if they are into melancholic Hindi indie-pop.

All in all, it is a great addition to Shashwat Singh’s emotion-driven discography. The personal aspect makes Paau Kahaa all the more emotional.

Verdict: A moving tribute to the ones who we have lost.

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