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Max Kate’s Lady Of Stars is an enthralling work of Neo-Classical Fusion: Score Indie Reviews

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Producer Max Kate‘s last single Weekend feels like it’s on the other end of the spectrum when compared to his latest release Lady of Stars. This doesn’t imply the superiority of any of these songs over each other but rather, it goes on to show Kate’s sheer versatility. 

While Weekend focused on optimistic vocals by Utsavi Jha, Lady of Stars is a departure in style marked with Anchal Khasili’s powerful classical vocals along with a fusion-driven instrumental arrangement. It’s no secret that many leading producers ad DJs in India seek inspiration from classical music in terms of both music and vocals. However, with the rise of Nucleya and RITVIZ, classical-infused electronica has seemed to go down a slightly monotonous path. 

Recent offerings like Lady of Stars help in bringing some freshness. In its nearly-4-minute duration, the track undergoes a plethora of emotions. While Khasili’s voice brims with a mellow rawness, Kate’s production (laden with gentle percussion, ambient strings, and upbeat synths) breathes in a certain sense of positivity that goes in line with the themes that the artist wishes to present. 

According to Kate, a generalised view of this song points to it being a dedication to all the ‘warriors who hold their ground’ despite all the challenges they encounter, be it earthly cynicism or human solitude. The featured singer’s ragas might not mean anything specific to the listeners but they carry enough spirit to sound inspiring. And maybe, that’s where this song’s chief goal lies; to inspire. 

The aforementioned single Weekend was accompanied by a lazy, feel-good music video revolving around two individuals playfully spending a sunny day on a beach. The Goan theme carries on even in Lady of Stars, albeit in a more lonely, desolate beach setting. As the sun bleeds down, Goa-based fire dancer Yamini Divakar showcases her acrobatic prowess to the fullest, symbolising the track’s theme of conquering all odds in life. 

Verdict: Lady Of Stars benefits strongly from raw classical vocals and atmospheric fusion-laden production. 

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