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Willie Nelson talks about Heroes

Willie Nelson, American Country musician, and giant-ass hat-rocker
extraordinaire, has come out with a new album, Heroes. 


Here’s a video of him talking about his album and the stages that he went through as he developed him.

[youtube_video id=47cdtIzHXzE]

While various reviews have said that the album “lacks focus and consistency,” nobody does outlaw-country like Willie Nelson yet. Besides, can you really dislike a man who looks like an old version of Obelix?

On April 20, on Willie Nelson Boulevard outside Austin City Limits Willie Nelson witnessed the unveiling of an eight-foot, one-ton bronze rendering of his likeness. Perhaps because he is too humble to ponder his own achievements, Mr. Nelson, 79, simply said with a smile, “I’ll be stoned 1,000 years.” 

Basically, ya’ll gotta listen to this one, whether you’re high, or not. 

We’ll have an album review for you soon, but till then, here’s a song to keep you up in smoke. As a special extra, it features vampire hunter Kris Kristofferson.

[youtube_video id=uKJclgRj_pQ]

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