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Mangini ‘carries the spirit on’ for Dream Theater

After the exit of their drummer Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater invited 7 of the worlds greatest drummers to try out for the spot and documented all of the auditions. Mike Mangini proved he has what it takes to be a part of one of the most technical bands to ever take the stage.

You can now go as far as calling Mike Mangini the new ‘DreamTheater Idol‘. The metal docu-reality captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans on Youtube and really gave us an insight on how the band is what it is. Skinsmen ranging from Marco Minnenmann to even Virgil Donati were chosen to audition for the band.

The Journey to Dream Theatre

The excruciating audition was held over 3 Phases. Playing DT’s Songs, Jamming and finally Improvisation to signatures. Held in three 20-minute episodes which were broadcasted over 10 days, the vein gripping moments for metalheads around the world came to an end when halfway through the video, Labrie says to Mangini “Welcome to the Family” (hmm godfather, anyone?)

Their new album, is expected earlier on this year.

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