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Cyanide Serenity, Blind Image and more @ British Council

The opening act by Totem and Crypted set the stage for a Blind Image and Cyanide Serenity set the stage on fire at British Council last Saturday. Check out our pictures from the night!

What You Missed

Totem were the first to take the stage, getting the crowd into the mood. We couldn’t help but notice and love their song titles (Boxers and Wayfarers!) and their cover of Porcupine Tree’s ‘Slave Called  Shiver. Crypted took over next and changed the mood from rock n roll to Technical Death Metal, playing “Spheres of Madness” by Decapitated, and a set of own compositions.  

Blind Image then stepped in for their set of originals, including “More than Human” and “Character Assassination“. Cyanide Serenity were the final band on stage. They are no strangers to Indian audiences, and have even opened here for Iron Maiden. The crowd went crazy when the band played “Dethroned” and “Consume Me” We’ll be looking forward to more shows like this one by Exodus and The British Council.

Photos Courtesy : Shashank Manohar and Dhruva Mahesh

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