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MADM – “Cheesecake” is Delicious: Score Indie Reviews

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MADM is an Indietronica artist hailing from Chennai. Picking from a multi-cultural hodgepodge of influences MADM finds a way to express a deep metropolitan malaise. Intermittently, and with grace she reveals a cautious optimism in the form of simple melodies. The supremely talented MADM is back with her latest release “Cheesecake” and that’s what we are reviewing here. 

“Cheesecake” talks about the constant need to chase something in order to escape your surroundings for the rush of pursuit. It is also the feeling that prevents you from experiencing the moment or appreciating the people around you only to later realise that you’re caught in an endless loop of a chase for euphoria. 

With a heavy South Indian influence to the rhythm and the tune,MADM explores dreamy soundscapes and playfully dark vocal melodies fused with disruptive percussion and ear-candy sounds.

After the release of her single ‘‘Electric Flu” in October 2020, MADM was keen to explore a visual story for her self-produced bedroom beat ‘Cheesecake’. 

In her quest to find the right team to carve out the visual story,MADM came across District E, an audio visual collective, run by a team of young and incredibly talented music video producers, on Instagram. She also collaborated with Antara Pathak, a creative stylist and make-up artist who designed the look for MADMs debut music video. 

One phone call later, the team had begun putting together the various elements of the story in order to shoot and create something extraordinary despite a pandemic in full swing. 

“Cheesecake” is a well polished release (especially for an indie song). Don’t worry, it never even gets close to getting sterile. While the uninitiated listener might require a few plays for the song’s brilliance to seep in, the song’s smooth mix of mellow warmth and sharp observation has a lingering taste which will last for a long time.

“Cheesecake” is a genre-melding, unconventional number. The more you listen, the more nuances you’ll find in both the music and the words. Heed the call, forget about your diet, plug in your headphones, dust of those forks, and just dig into this incredible delight.

Verdict: Delicious.

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