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In Electric Flu, MADM and Ten Purr collaborate for a catchy blend of electronic and alternative pop: Score Indie Reviews

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Solitude has become a common emotion for many during this pandemic season. This certain mellow solitude is evoked in singer-songwriter MADM’s
new song Electric Flu. As she puts it herself, the single ‘talks about a girl in
search of resolution’. Before this resolution arrives, she drifts through
emotions of solitude and distance.

But Electric Flu is now slow-burning sad ballad. MADM’s extremely catchy
beats give the song a bittersweet celebratory tone that can impress viewers
right from the start to the very last minute. Just like the single’s collage cover art, this collaboration through several variations. Throughout its 4-minute duration, the song undertakes several moods and tones, be it in MADM’s phased vocals, dreamy and spacey production or Ten Purr’s amazing guitar skills. These variations make Electric Flu one of the freshest releases in recent times.

MADM’s vocal layers are extremely calming and the song is perfect for all sorts of listeners. The production can be of interest to fans of experimental
electronica in India while the singer’s aura can pique the fancy of fans of
bedroom/dream pop (MADM can easily be compared to foreign artists like
Clairo and King Princess).

Lyrically too, the song can have multiple interpretations but, in its essence, the verses are simplistic yet charming. On the surface, Electric Flu does come as effortless even though it is clear that a lot of effort did go from both Ten Purr and MADM’s side in crafting this vibe of a song. It is nothing but obvious that their future collaborations can unleash great creative potential in the future.

Verdict- Four minutes of bittersweet goodness, brimming with solitude, love, and a stylish effortlessness.

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