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Lil Idli’s debut track Little Girl is a jazzy take on musings of the past: Score Indie Reviews

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As is evident from its title, Little Girl is a track that evokes one’s younger days and the naivety that was present in those carefree times. The Chicago-based Indian-origin indie-pop duo Lil Idli terms the song as an ode to their younger selves and ‘a subtle rallying cry to entrust the magic and manifest of your inner child.’ 

The song lives up to these emotions with its tranquil soundscape adorned with light, jazzy synths, and percussive rhythms. Little Girl might not be very unconventional in its approach but it’s still worth listening on repeat if one needs a calming vibe (courtesy of every now and then. And the lyrics are obviously thoughtful as mentioned above. 

The single is further accompanied by an equally relaxing visual short directed by Sanjana Shekhar that features a woman just spending a say out on the beach. She walks lazily, leaving her footprints on the sand while staring at an old photograph of hers as her reflection can also been seen on a mirror placed in front of her. The metaphor gets clearer.

The protagonist is gazing at her past and present all at once, indicating how humans are just caught up in the middle of the two while also thinking about the future. 

The outro adds to this theme as the harmonies back the main vocals signifying the unite of the singer’s past, present, and future selves. Given how this is just Lil Idli’s first officicial track, they do offer a lot of promise with this therapeutic single. Little Girl also serves as a chapter in the duo’s upcoming EP Mitochondria that is expected to release by this fall. 

Verdict: A thoughtful yet playful ode to the younger days.

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