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Huyana – Nothing Wrong in Not Being Okay: Score Indie Reviews

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Varshita Ramesh, who goes by the moniker of Huyana is a singer-songwriter from Chennai, India. Predominantly a jazz, soul and blues vocalist, Huyana dabbles with various other genres when it comes to her original music. With each release, she explores and experiments with different styles of songwriting, soundscapes and production.

She has recently released a track called “Nothing Wrong in Not Being Okay”. It’s a song written during the pandemic, on what it’s like for the artist to deal with high-functioning anxiety on a daily basis. Let’s find out more about it.

Exploring and interpreting the machinations of your own mind seems to be something most of us do. Often these explorations throw up something new, at times even some mental health ailments. Talking about mental health issues isn’t taboo anymore and as a matter of fact, people should be encouraged to do so.

Throughout the track, Huyana gives an honest account of what it’s like to live with anxiety. “Nothing Wrong in Not Being Okay” is definitely a contemplative piece of work, the kind that people can relate to, lose themselves in, experience some calm and catharsis, and awaken to a better tomorrow.

“Nothing Wrong in Not Being Okay” isn’t just a great track, but also an extremely important one. In the times of lockdowns and quarantines, people’s mental health is being compromised and sadly, overlooked.

Singing about her state of mind seems important to Huyana, and it’s even more important for the world to listen to songs like this. Given that most of us are struggling to retain our sanity during the lockdowns, with some of us even being forced to the brink of hopelessness, we can take some solace from the fact that performers like Huyana are channeling their own experiences into terrific tracks such as this and telling people that it’s ok to not be ok. 

While the subject matter might be a little dark, Huyana proves that if you use excellent songwriting to address mental health issues to their barebones, the result will be nothing less than an inspiring and exhilarating experience.

Verdict: Way better than okay.

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