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Greatest Classical Symphonies of all time – Score Short Reads

Symphony is a musical conversation between multiple instruments that come together in unison. This rare phenomenon is exclusive to Western Classical Music and brought about many changes in the way music is perceived and the way music can lead to an overall enthralling experience.

A master craft symphony is composed to embark the listener on a never before seen journey. The real beauty of symphony lies in the way it is interpreted by different listeners- and like a beautiful painting, every interpretation makes perfect sense.

Some of the symphonies are too deep to be experienced in a single listen- and in short, getting into symphonies is like a beautiful pathway that has no end. This pathway has the blooms of trombone, viola, violin, trumpets, string section and any of the instrument you can dream of!

Beethoven, Bach , Haydn,  Mozart, Brahms and Franz Schubert are the legendary composers who took the audience to altogether a new musical experience through their symphonies.

The way each musical instrument plays a different note and the way they come together in symphony is still tantalizing. Dwelling into western classical symphonies is like an ocean that has no limit to its depths.

The legendary composer Beethoven’s symphony no.6 is a great place to start with- that has earned worldwide admiration. One can actually feel the countryside’s blooms that has songbirds chirping happily in their own pace. Brahm’s Symphony number 2 also speaks on the similar lines, which explains about the pastoral living and the laidback nature of European villages.

However, to get more into depths of western classical music, we cannot ignore the Unfinished Symphony no.7 by German composer Franz Schubert. This composition is sure to bring goosebumps by the final movement with its appealing features. It makes even the feeling of sadness to be worth embracing- which is the beauty of western classical symphonies!

Mozart had a different perspective when it comes to interpreting an emotion- and it is clearly seen in his all-time greatest symphony no 40.  This 35 minute long piece is sure to take you on an journey that imbibes tragedy in an elegant manner! It also strikes a deep philosophical touch that is missing in many modern compositions off late.

Brahms symphony no.3 is aimed to get the positivity into the mind of the listener.  Interestingly , each movement in this symphony ends in silent note- which was almost unheard of at the time it was composed.

This beautiful symphony speaks of yearning, passion and longing for better days ahead. Surprisingly, it sounds quite relevant even in the current times where we are battling a huge global issue in the name of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Take a breather out of your stressful work from home schedules, nonstop worrisome news over the media channels and play one of these symphonies either aloud or in headphones. They will surely transport you back to the good old days along with bringing up tremendous hope for a healthier and better tomorrow!

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