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Frizzell D’Souza – New is Pure Bliss: Score Indie Reviews

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Frizzell D’Souza is a Bangalore based singer-songwriter who is originally from Mangalore. One look at her YouTube channel and you can see incredible talent oozing out from every single frame. Her channel is filled with wonderful covers and beautifully made videos. Now, the talented songstress has dropped her brand new original track, “New” and that’s what we will be reviewing here.

The track’s mood is set from the very first note strummed on the acoustic guitar and you know that you are in for a calm, relaxing ride. The brief intro features a beautiful sliding guitar melody which is concluded with a bass slide and Frizzell D’ Souza’s rich and relaxing voice kicks in. The intro does exactly what it’s supposed to do, it leads you into the song in a natural, organic way. Like putting on a pair of nice and comfy pajamas after a long day of work, on the way to bed.

Frizzell D’Souza’s vocal performance is perfect for this song. She sings with a rich and comforting tone which compliments her slow paced, relaxed enunciation very well. Nothing is rushed here, every part of the song gets its moment to shine, doesn’t go away like a flash in a pan. That doesn’t mean that the song is slow or it drags on, it’s just perfectly paced.

Imagine driving your car in cruise control and not on the edge, that’s what it’s like. With “New”, Frizzell D’Souza extends an invitation for all listeners to kick back and relax with her. And you better accept it if you are looking for a musical escape from the hustling grind of everything life. It’s definitely a “New” (pun intended) and fresh way for you to relax and let go of your worries.

Instrumentally, the song has a very rich and full accompaniment. Especially the beautifully mixed bass which does a wonderful job of driving home the rhythm, which is masterfully embellished with guitar flourishes. The drums (especially the cymbals) do a great job of complimenting the mood of the song as well. The proverbial cherry on the sundae is the short and sweet bluesy guitar solo which leads the song to its outro verse in a glorious way.

Throughout the track, the performance quality is very high and consistent. The mixing and production is also top notch, everything sounds rich and full, without sounding sterile and overproduced. Major props to the production team for that. 

With “New”, Frizzell D’Souza has created a thing of beauty, and as we know very well, such a thing is a joy forever. 

Verdict: More relaxing than a freshly brewed cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.

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