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Kushal Mangal’s electronic production blend with Nikhita Gandhi’s ever-reliant vocals for Karobaar Dil Ka: Score Indie Reviews

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Drawing heavily on analog synths, Kushal  Mangal creates a consistently-paced and ambient electronica-laden soundscape that sets the mood of his new track, a single called Karobaar Dil Ka. The upbeat and instantly catchy production aside, the lyrics are pretty formulaic delving into the poetic nuances of love delving into familiar metaphors of “falak” (clouds) and “farishta” (angel).

But Mangal’s own vocals make up for this as his voice does carry a certain richness and fluidity that adds further rhythm to the lyrics.And if Mangal’s singing is not enough, the electronic interludes and featured artist Nikhita Gandhi’s harmonies elevate Karobaar Dil Ka above the tropes of a generic electro-pop love song. A mainstay in commercial playback singing, Gandhi needs no introduction.

Apart from her own independent side-projects, the songstress has been featured on several independent pop duets in the recent past. Siddhant Bhosle’s acoustic rendition of his own song Din Aur Raatein makes for a good example. However, unlike such duets, Gandhi doesn’t take charge instantly. In Mangal’s track, one can just hear her soothing background vocals in the layers playing along with the chorus.

However, it’s when the music slows its pace and as mellow strings get highlighted, Gandhi pleasantly croons a bridge following by a final take on the song’s chorus. This bridge definitely works and is aptly placed. With that being said, Mangal deserves praise too for complimenting the backing track with his own voice that’s equally comforting. Currently, in electro pop, there are only a few DJs who are actually succeeding at wearing both hats at once. Zaeden is a mainstream success story in this regard. And now, Kushal Mangal might just follow the same lane.

Verdict: Simple, comforting electro-pop with familiar romantic imagery.

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