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KRUNK 7 Year Anniversary Bangalore ft. LAFAWNDAH (Warp Records), EZ Riser & Gautham Reddy I The Humming Tree


Globetrotting singer/producer Yasmine Dubois has only been making music as Lafawndah for a short time, but already she’s causing ripples worldwide with her futuristic take on global electronic music. After packing in her jobs as a gallery curator in Mexico City (where she also played drums in the all female band Nidadaand New York), the half-Iranian, half-Egyptian musician moved back to Paris, after previously having studied
at La Sorbonne, to concentrate on honing her “ritual club music,” influenced by Nina Simone, Grace Jones, Missy Elliot, Kate Bush, traditional Middle Eastern singers, dancehall queens and the Night Slugs label’s modernist take on grime and bass.

For her debut self-titled EP Lafawndah flew to Guadeloupe to work with Portuguese producer Garagem Banda, Emily King, and zouk veteran Jean Claude Bichara. Like her acclaimed 2014 debut EP, the recording of Tan began on an island with the same minimal studio set-up. This time, with collaborators Nick Weiss and Tamer Fahri, it was Fire Island off the South Shore of New York rather than the Caribbean island. Soon enough proceedings hopped to the totemic island of Manhattan, where she embodied the role of executive producer by folding the like-minded ADR and L-Vis 1990 into her process to help realize a warped vision of esoteric industrial rhythms fused to an aggressive palate of nomadic atmospherics.

About EZ Riser:

Launched in Oct 2012, EZ Riser is the solo project of Sohail Arora pushing cutting edge electronic music with a heavy emphasis on bass.

As one half of Bay Beat Collective (BBC), India’s oldest bass crew, Sohail Arora has been pushing bass music for over 8 years now. He has played a big role in building the bass music scene in India as an artist and a promoter. His solo project EZ Riser aims to showcase newer forms of electronic music with particular focus on beats, footwork, drum & bass, trap, hip hop and bass house. A self confessed music geek and influenced by artists such as DJ Rashad, Clap Clap, Zinc, Machinedrum, Addison Groove, Om Unit, Stray, Romare, Four Tet, Flako, J Dilla, Kendrick Lamar, Nicolas Jaar and many more, EZ Riser’s spectrum of music is highly versatile.

About Gautham Reddy:

After being introduced to underground electronic music @ the age of 18 he began his DJ carrier in 2010, playing electronic and dance music that maximizes every beat of every track to create the unique sound. His precision mixing is part of the show, as each track mixes in you can deeply feel the dance-floor going up a notch to keep up with the frantic and energetic mood. He has played alongside with some of the notable artists & @ the best clubs in Bangalore.

Gautham’s musical style reflects his eclectic influences—from high-modernist integral surrealism to raw electro, jazz-funk fusion to 80s rock & roll, Indian classical & more—all distilled down to pure, crystalline style. His music s never limited. So he likes exploring for some fresh sounds in a various genres like Electro, PsyBreaks(Tech Funk), Dub Reggae, Chill Step, DubStep, Glitch Hop, Swing Hop, Ghetto Funk, Drum N Bass, Psychedelic & more.

Venue : The Humming Tree

Date : 13th May 2016

Time : 9pm onward


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