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‘Saving the planet’ has seen takers for the cause from all fields. From official UN meets to Leonardo Di Caprio’s debut Oscar acceptance speech, the importance of being eco-friendly is getting more urgent than ever.

A group of musicians have their own way of supporting the cause. Under its initiative ‘Under the Tree’, ‘We the Artists India’ not only holds its performances literally under trees, but members also plant one tree per audience attending their concerts. The group already has planted 500 trees in Aundh after their first concert.

The group’s second concert was held in the evening of April 24. “We are expecting a crowd of around 1,000 music enthusiasts for the concert, which means that we would be planting some 1,000 trees. Last time, it was only our group members who joined the NGO volunteers in planting trees, but this time I plan to inform all the audience in advance and urge them to come and join us in this activity,” said Abhishek Kawitkar, who came up with the initiative.


Every ‘Under The Tree’ concert features 10 musicians with a different flair and format of music.

Speaking about combining the idea of tree plantation with the group’s musical journey, Kawitkar said, “We believe a tree has a special characteristic of bringing everyone together unconditionally. All of us have a responsibility towards the earth.”

(Quotes from Indian Express)

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