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Harman Professional will be introducing wide array of products at Palm Expo 2016. Below are the details of the products

Soundcraft Vi7000


The latest Vi7000 digital mixing console delivers the best Vi sound ever, bringing optional 96kHz processing, upgraded channel counts and even more reliable hardware to live sounds most popular mix interface. Partnering a compact control surface with new Local Rack and Active Breakout box hardware, Vi delivers simultaneous mixing of up to 128 inputs and 32 mono/stereo busses.

Pristine sound quality is assured by ultra-low noise mic amp designs and enhanced 96kHz* 40-bit floating point digital audio processing, while FX come courtesy of 8 independent Lexicon multi-FX units, BSS DPR901ii ™ integration and a BSS graphic EQ on every bus output. Rapid configuration and powerful automation features, radio mic status monitoring and extensive ViSi Connect I/O expansion (EtherSound ™ , CobraNet ™ , Dante ™ , MADI, etc.) complete the package.

* Additional DSP cards and reduced channel count required for 96kHz operation


 The latest Vistonics ™ & FaderGlow ™ interface

 Up to 128 inputs and 32 mono/stereo busses

 Enhanced audio processing with 96kHz sample rate option

 Powerful new features including BSS DPR901ii ™ Dynamic EQ

 New Local Rack hardware for 384 I/O channels

 128 channel record interface via MADI or Dante ™

 Mix live with UA ™ plug-ins (via Realtime Rack)

 Huge connectivity options – Dante ™ , Rocknet ™ , Ethersound ™ , Cobranet ™ , MADI and more

All-in- One Linear-Array P.A. System with 6-Channel Mixer

Legendary JBL sound.

Unparalleled convenience.

Style for every situation.


Key Features

 Proven JBL Professional sound quality

 Patent-pending linear-array configuration (six 2” HF drivers) offers exceptional sound coverage

 Unobstructed 10” bass-reflex subwoofer for accurate low-frequency response

 Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio from your mobile device

 Powerful 6-channel mixer with easy-to- use controls

 380 watts of power, 118 dB max SPL for clear, detailed audio

 Carry the entire system with one hand, set up in seconds

 Perfect for live music, conferences, events and more

 3 listening positions for different environments

EON ONE Specifications:

 Speaker and Amplifier:

 Unobstructed 10" woofer with 6x 2" Drivers

Max SPL Output: 118 dB (peak)

Class D amplifier: 250W LF + 130W HF

 6 Channel Mixer:

 Channel 1-2 with bass, treble, reverb, mic/line selector, and combo 1/4" phone and XLR input

Channel 3/4 with 1/4" balanced TRS jacks (stereo) or pair of RCA jacks (stereo)

Channel 5/6 with 1/8” (3.5mm) input jack for portable electronics, or Bluetooth audio streaming

Stereo monitor outputs

 Weight:

 40.8 lbs (18.5 kg)



Take Control of Your Sound

Never too hot. Never too high. Always just right. Designed for discerning musicians and engineers, the K182 professional closed-back monitor headphones deliver incredibly accurate sound. 50mm drivers keep it loud — even when using mobile devices — while the 10 Hz – 28 kHz frequency range provides a truly balanced mix. 3D-axis folding and comfortable, replaceable ear pads make these headphones an easy travel companion, no matter where your sound takes you.

Closed-back acoustics ensure great performance for every instrumentalist Over-ear design with replaceable ear pads provides comfort during long sessions high sensitivity 50mm transducers provide great sound even with mobile devices Detachable cable and screw-on adapter for easy connectivity with all your gear 3D-axis professional folding mechanism for ease of portability.

K92NEW – Closed-Back Headphones


A Studio Mainstay

Mix and master your tracks with uninhibited clarity with the AKG K92 over-ear, closed back headphones.

Professional-grade 40mm drivers reveal even the subtlest nuances, so you can be confident your mix will translate accurately on any system. Whether you’re fine-tuning track levels within the mix or mastering the final product, the self-adjusting headband and lightweight design will provide hours of comfort. Designed by the company whose mics and headphones have helped create some of the world’s most iconic recordings, the durable K92 is a serious headphone that delivers great sound in the studio and beyond.

Precisely balanced response- provides reference-monitor accuracy

Professional 40mm drivers for extended 16Hz – 20kHz frequency response

Over-ear design and lightweight construction for exceptional comfort

Closed-back design maximizes isolation

Self-adjusting headband ensures perfect fit

Professional build quality



Packaged 8″; 2-Way PA with Powered 8-Channel Mixer and Bluetooth

Everything You Need to Be Heard

Get legendary sound quality with the EON208P all-in- one portable PA system, complete with an 8-channel mixer and Bluetooth audio. With a convenient suitcase-style design, the EON208P makes it easy to get great sound for performances, meetings and events. The 8-channel detachable mixer provides professional connections for mics, instruments and line-level sources, while the 8” two-way stereo speakers deliver best-in- class audience coverage.

Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to stream audio from your mobile device. With 300 watts, you’ll have more than enough volume to be heard. Plus, the compact and lightweight form factor means you can carry the entire system with one hand.

Introduces QLI-32 Quantum Logic® Immersion Processor for Spectacular Cinema Surround Sound

HARMAN’s Lexicon today introduced its QLI-32 Quantum Logic Immersion cinema processor, designed to deliver up to 32 channels of surround sound in professional cinema applications. The new QLI-32 interfaces with a theater’s media source and existing cinema processor to provide a multi-dimensional listening experience with left, center, right, surround, rear and height channels, all via HARMAN’s proprietary Quantum Logic Immersion surround-processing technology. In doing so, the QLI-32 provides theaters with a cost-efficient and easily deployed upgrade path to significantly-improved immersive cinematic sound.

“Our new QLI-32 offers an effective way for theater owners to upgrade to immersive surround sound with a product that is fully compatible with existing cinema processors and is competitively priced,” said Dan Saenz, Business Segment Manager, Installed and Cinema Sound, HARMAN Professional. “It can be easily integrated into an existing theater or specified as part of a new installation.”

The Lexicon QLI-32 utilizes HARMAN’s exclusive Quantum Logic technology to provide up to 32 channels of immersive surround-sound audio over BLU link from any mono stereo, 5.1- or 7.1-channel program material. The Lexicon QLI-32 uses exclusive signal processing techniques to actively analyze the acoustical information in the audio mix and re-create a full three-dimensional sonic environment with width, depth and height by identifying and positioning objects in the sound field – all without adding elements to the original mix. Because the QLI-32 works with existing audio systems, installation costs are reduced and any stereo or multi-channel content can be made immersive.

The QLI-32 features an 8-channel analog 25-pin connector, two 8-channel AES RJ-45 inputs, a BLU link (2 x RJ-45) input and a BLU link (2 x RJ-45) output. It also provides an Ethernet port and RJ-45 control connections. The QLI-32 provides Auto EQ per SMPTE 202 and offers 1/3-octave graphic EQ for each of its 32 output channels as well as parametric low-frequency EQ. The QLI-32 can be easily configured via its web-based interface and its simple front-panel control layout provides ready indication of operational status. Measuring 1U rack space high, the QLI-32 installs easily into an equipment rack.

Quantum Logic Immersion uses specialized algorithms to extract signal and reverberant streams from the original recording. Individual voices and instruments, as well as reverberant spatial information, are identified and then re- authored into a precise multichannel soundfield. QLI combines the individual signal streams using patented filter bank technology and psychoacoustic modeling to create an immersive multichannel listening experience with exceptional clarity, detail and image specificity.


Visit Harman Booth at Palm Expo, Mumbai between May 26-28th at D-09

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