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Krishna.K’s Pieces To Keep is a soulful melody: Score Indie Reviews

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The last we heard from Tamil Nadu-based singer-songwriter and ukulele player Krishna.K was the single Indigo, which was a light-hearted yet soulful song on friendship. Pieces To Keep finds the artist in a similar territory, featuring some soulful vocals against a gentle, mellow acoustic tune. 

The production is simple yet massively soothing making fr a perfect listening experience if you are in the mood for something light. Krishna.K’s vocals are toned down to perfection and his hums (towards the finale) are equally comforting. While coming to the lyrical elements, the song brims with simplicity yet again, acting as an innocent love song. 

But that’s the thing about Krishna.K’s general mood and discography. There’s a sense of relaxation brimming out of the minimal production. Even though Pieces To Keep might easily fall in the pantheon of recent ukulele-driven indie-pop melodies, the vocals are good enough to be experimented with other genres too like lo-fi or dream-pop. 

The song clocks at 2 minutes, a perfect duration for the mood Pieces To Keep attemps to set. It takes no time for the singer to draw in the listeners, with a catchy croon of a chorus. In an era when every genre is making use of new-age innovations like enhanced auto-tune vocals or sophisticated electronic production, Krishna.K’s style is bringing back a simpler time of minimalism and authenticity, The music is clear. The voice is clear. And the vibes are as consoling as they can be.

Verdict: Another feather in Krishna.K’s cap, characterised with the artist’s usual feel-good uke-driven aura. 

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