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BLEAC(H)EAD’S Fuzzpacker is a plot-driven atmospheric tune for the end of the world: Score Indie Reviews

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Delhi-based rock outfit BLEAC(H)EAD weave a dystopian narrative with their latest single Fuzzpacker. While one might not pay attention to the lyrics initially, they present an atmospheric context. The song is no less than a concept song as it details the current adventures of the characters known as BLEACHEAD (christened after the band as is evident).

This character inhabits a scorched desert dystopia similar to Mad Max-like films. As he seeks to find answers to his pre-nuclear past, he is worshipped as a diety by an ‘old world order’. As the band describes themselves, Fuzzpacker “is a a call to arms for the delinquent disciples of this ‘old world’ order, brutal and yet kinda beautiful. ‘Out with the new. In with the old.'” The concept is pretty interesting and once listeners get a hold of this plotline, the lyrics would make more sense. 

The slow-paced crooning by lead singer Shaurya Manga (who also provides the bass) suits the half-destroyed desertscape that the lyrics attempt to paint. Suhail Prakash’s drums and Dhruv Ganguly’s guitaring stands out especially in the bridge as Manga starts growling. That’s when the song builds up to an energetic finale. 

For those who are not fans of heavy adrenaline-fueled riffs and heavy metal vocals, they would preferably stray away from Fuzzpacker. However, for the ones who wish to get pumped up with a somewhat new sound and the ones interested in storytelling reminiscent of bands like Gorillaz should definitely check out this song. 

Its atmosphere isn’t wholly unique but still fresh enough amongst recent releases. Lyrically, the song also leaves possibility for a sequel. So, it would be interesting to see what sound and experimentation BLEAC(H)EAD would explore with their next release.

Verdict: Exploring some interesting thematic concepts, Fuzzpacker makes good music for an apocalypse-struck dystopia. 

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