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Beatles and India – Kiss Nuka – Tomorrow Never Knows: Score Indie Reviews

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Kiss Nuka is a global award-winning music producer-artist-activist of Indian descent. She fearlessly bends genres creating uncensored and immersive audio-visual experiences like Kashmir, Don’t Be Afraid and Ayo Burn.  

Her free-spirited love for nature and activism translates into thought-provoking pieces of mid to hard electronic bass blended with ambient layers, electro-pop melodies, pensive vocals, and an occasional hint of roots. Being an early adopter of cutting edge technologies like Dolby ATMOS, Kiss Nuka invites audiophiles and discerners to her world that is one with nature. 

Tomorrow Never Knows by Kiss Nuka is the opening track taken from the companion album to a major documentary exploring The Beatles’ lasting legacy from their culturally ground-breaking time spent in India. The song was released today on 4th October 2021 and is out on all major digital platforms.

The album The Beatles and India: Songs Inspired by the Film THE BEATLES AND INDIA will be released on Silva Screen Records on 29th October. The album features interpretations of songs that The Beatles were inspired to write from their time in India, by contemporary artists from India and is evidence of the cultural legacy of The Beatles’ stay in Rishikesh.

Tomorrow Never Knows was originally written by Lennon and McCartney, with the inspiration for lyrics drawn from Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert and Ralph Metzner’s book, The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This new version features Kiss Nuka’s rich, powerful vocals set against meditative guitars loosely following the Beatles original harmonic structure derived from Indian Music and centred around a C Mixolydian drone.

On working on the interpretation and The Beatles’ influence, Kiss Nuka says: “It’s 2021 and I get to re-imagine Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles? Feels like a dream. The song reflects so much of how I feel right now… to ‘see the meaning of within’, that ‘love is all and love is everyone.

I connect with it. I have come full circle as an artist too, at first shying away from my roots..and now as an electronic music producer and an artist with a purpose, embracing it with my whole heart. I locked myself in the studio and did what the song asked me to. I relaxed and went with the flow.” Let’s find out how all of that turned out.

When The Beatles released “Revolver” in 1966, it was a groundbreaking album. The Beatles went from singing songs about love to asking people to listen to the colour of their dreams. The track “Tomorrow Never Comes” was an attempt to recreate the immersive experience of LSD– complete with lyrics borrowed from Timothy Leary’s *Tibetan Book of the Dead-*inspired writings. Remarkably, though, Kiss Nuka has managed to present it in a fantastic new manner, without sounding messy and unnatural. The track sounds absolutely dreamy without sounding ponderous.

Diving into the retro sounds of sixties psychedelia and fusing it with modern ambient textures, Kiss Nuka rides the waves and brings this track home with consummate style and shiny flair.

Verdict: Colourful and dreamy.

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