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Inspector Maal – Fractal Spectre: Score Indie Reviews

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Sahil Mendiratta aka Inspector Maal is an artist based out of the beautiful mountains of Kumaon, India. His music revolves around a central theme of exploring the unconscious, nature, inner-space travel and non-duality. ‘Organic Electronica’ is what comes to mind when thinking of his music that tells a story that the world of thoughts cannot truly comprehend or articulate, creating landscapes using sounds from the organic and mechanical world.

“Fractal Spectre” is the debut EP by Kumaon based artist, Inspector Maal. It’s a dancefloor heavy EP that takes influence from dub, techno & psychedelic sounds.

A deep dive into the songs reveals a symbolic undertone pointing towards the harmonious play of death and rebirth. Gives the feeling of ritualistic dance and sacrifice. An adventure into the spirit of the depths and the unconscious to find remnants of ancient knowledge and wisdom within the psyche through direct experience.

Inspector Maal’s “Fractal Spectre” skillfully morphs between landscaped ambient drones and subtle beat-driven chillout. The entire EP has an ethereal, melodic, airy and upbeat vibe to it. The EP’s atmosphere has a very outdoorsy charm to it. The tracks are composed with shiny tones and rich textures. The tracks are arranged very well, making the entire listening experience sound like the opening of a beautiful flower.

“Fractal Spectre” is a beautifully composed EP with many stunning layers and some really groovy beats. However, it is also accessible from the first listen itself. On top of that, the returns are deeply rewarding as well. It’s a great example of music that transports you to another world.

Verdict: Rich and dreamy.

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