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PA System’s Run & Hide is instant feel-good content: Score Indie Reviews

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Chennai-based band PA System has been dabbling in different sounds when compared to their debut 2020 EP  On Days Like This. While the EP had a more rustic sound, their new single Run & Hide is more easygoing and ‘bluesy’.
The new-age collective brings out their soothing side with this song about self-determination and fearlessness to be oneself. The optimistic lyrics sound reassuring and inspiring enough for listeners to introspect and groove their heads to.

When it comes to the overall production, the ambient guitaring and drums give off a very R&B/blues-inspired vibe. And then, Pratyush Shankar’s lead vocals are, of course, the cherry on the top. His buttery voice flows smoothly, especially in the chorus.

For a song on inspiring themes, the vocals could have been blandly formulaic (with ill-timed vocal stretches and forced high notes). Shankar exercises perfect control throughout the entirety of the track. His voice might not be that dramatic but it gels well with the ‘Niles Roger’s’-style guitaring.

If there is one similarity between Run & Hide and PA System’s previous discography, it is that their sound offers an instant dose of wholesomeness. This would obviously draw in more listeners given how they would just need such easygoing vibes in a post-pandemic world. Serious tracks can be immersive enough but sometimes, positive and light-hearted songs are all that we need to escape from the scary everyday realities. In the face of such issues, Run & Hide should make for a perfect addition to your playlist.

Verdict: Don’t run and hide from Run & Hide.

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