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Till Apes’ new single Sunday Bubble is the perfect pick to funk up your weekend – Score Indie Reviews

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Right from its opening notes, you know that Sunday Bubble is going to be one vibe of a song. With the Bangalore-based hip-hop/neo-soul supergroup Till Apes joining forces with featured guests Shivani x Soorya (the former being a vocalist while the latter handling bass-guitar-synth composition along with the vocals). 

While all the instrumentalists of Till Apes are in their A-game, Gautam David gets his moment to shine with his saxophone in the latter parts. His sax solo is preceded by some effortlessly calming verses by Bangalore MC and Till Apes alumnus Hanumankind. 

His verses serve as a good segue from Shivani Rajan and Philip John’s smoothly stretched vocals. Hanumankind’s pen game is on point always, blended with witty references and wordplay. For instance, he drops some amusing Kendrick Lamar bars by mentioning how he’s working hard to stay in the shade of “Money Trees” and how “good kids in mad cities” are full of broken dreams. 

Talking about the lyrical themes, Sunday Bubble is an interesting take on modern-day love and the longingness caused with a busy working schedule. The couple in the song yearns to spend time together everyday just like every weekend. Sunday acts as the perfect Utopian bubble as opposed to Monday which acts as a bursting bubble that teleports the lovebirds back to a chaotic reality. In this context, the upbeat track produced by guitarist Doc Awees and bassist Soorya Praveen along with Sange Wangchuk’s drumming makes the track the perfect closing song for the day of Sabbath. 

The influences of Till Apes range from J Dilla to Anderson Paak and it is quite evident in Sunday Bubble, given the multi-genre approach it emulates. It is difficult to point the song towards one kind of sound. If you like chilled-out jazz-rap or neo-soul merged with some R&B vocals or if you just need a vibey song to relax this weekend, this Till Apes joint will be the perfect pick. 

Verdict: The perfect soundtrack to a comforting and loving Sunday. 

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